Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Season in Cuenca, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Parades are a Very-Big-Deal here during the Holiday Season.  We saw our very first one this Season late November and we're sure we haven't seen the last!

Cuenca is known for the GrandDaddy of all Parades on Christmas Eve.  We love to attend each year!
This Parade goes on for hours...the planning and organization must be tremendous.  To the uneducated eye, this year's Parade went off seamlessly, as they always seem to.  Congratulations, Cuenca!

Taking a break in the shade.

This year, once again, thousands of participants, including many children and adults, with vehicles and animals and many Baby Jesuses, marched through the streets of the City. 

Each year it gets bigger, according to officials.  We read somewhere that just about every child in Cuenca dressed up and joined in, to give you an idea of the sheer size!

Folks come from far and wide to watch.  All flights and hotels booked up early, as usual.

Actually, the Big Parade is made up of many smaller ones, each representing a Community, Church, School, Family.  Each has a Baby Jesús. 

The smaller groups come together each year for the Big One, as well as march on different days as their own.  In past years, we've seen smaller Parades right up into February, so all can participate.

Here are more pictures as we roamed the City this Holiday Season.

Right down Av Solano.

At a neighborhood Church.

Our first Parade of the Season.

Last minute instructions for the drummers.


We are in our Summer now.  Hot for Cuenca (almost 80 degrees F on Christmas Eve!).  Windy most afternoons. 

Beautiful skies this time of the year.
Intense sunshine.

The skies are so beautiful, we are planning on washing the windows soon.  Can you imagine even thinking of washing windows in December?!?  No snow here!

Flowers are doing really well.

We're sure we'll have more pictures of the Season later, so stay tuned.

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