Monday, June 9, 2014

Benigno Malo High School Celebrates

The School celebrates its 150 years!  A huge parade through downtown last Saturday!

We headed down Av Solano early to check it out. 

(New mascot paintings on the front of the HS)

A beautiful day for an early walk, some blue skies and long, cool shadows.  No wind, no rain.  Traffic was already diverted...

The parade would end at the High School and the folks were already setting up, with music blaring.  Black and white banners were going up (school colors) and the statue of Malo was getting decorated with beautiful flowers.

We headed to the Square. Students were all ready in their black/white...

This parade included officials, teachers and alumni, vintage cars and outfits and music! 



 We're not sure if female students attended the school in the early days...but they do today.  But, we read that 75% of the school's population is male...still...

Watching the crowd was just as much fun as watching the parade!



New band uniforms for the occasion.'

Lots of excitement, music and pride!  Another fun day!!

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  1. Thank you, thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. Sorry we missed this event. We are missing you two more.