Friday, July 11, 2014


We are so grateful for receiving a juicer as an anniversary gift from special friends.

We've been juicing for a year now and we think it's made a positive difference in our health.  
At least we think we've got a better chance at better health by juicing.

Those-who-juice all seem to do it their own is ours.

We begin with fresh, washed produce.  Depending upon which veggies and fruits we use, the juice could be green, red, orange or swamp water color!  Sometimes the best-tasting juice is the ugliest.  We just close our eyes and drink it down.

We start with 'the 3 kings'...........that's fresh ginger, raw garlic and lemon.
Then we add variety from there. 

Sometimes there is too much foam (kind of gaggy), so we scrape it off down the drain.  Not the best solution, but it works for us.

Some folks just stir it in.

Then, we add in liquid vitamins/supplements.

Sometimes we add the pulp to soup later.  It'd be great in a compost pile!

We juice each morning with very few exceptions.  We don't travel with our juicer, so we are always happy to come home and get back to juicing.  We miss it when we don't juice.

Some folks balk and hate to juice (or won't) because the clean up is not a favorite thing to do.  Our trick is to wash the parts right away or it will turn to cement and it's harder to clean later.
Clean up before drinking your juice!  So much easier.

To add in some fiber for breakfast, we usually have a bowl of fruit and yogurt with our breakfast juice.

Add cinnamon, too. 

We like this kind.  It's a little spendy, but it's flaky and fresh, not like old sawdust.


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