Saturday, December 29, 2007

Leaving Dodge and Winter Behind........

This is the first entry on this Journal. It is December 29th, 2007. The purpose of this site is to share our travel impressions and observations on our first trip to South America.

We live in Grants Pass, Oregon. It has been cold and snowed recently. We are looking forward to warmer weather.

Our trip starts in a couple of weeks with a visit to my brother Bob and sister, Roxanne in Ecuador. They also lived in Grants Pass. Their trip preceeded us by about 3 months. They bought a car in Ecuador and drove to the coast. They took some spanish lessons and learned enough to buy a house on a central coast beach near the town of Manglaralto. They are fixing it up and promise to breathe soon. Today is his Birthday. He has been 39 for about 25 years. Happy Birthday again, Roberto.

We fly out of Portland and with one stop, land in Quito, in Ecuador's highlands at about 9,350 feet. Then we take a local carrier, AreoGal, and meet Bob and Rox in the coast town of Manta.
==Rich (and Nancy)

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