Sunday, December 30, 2007

Re-starting the countdown...

Hi from me, too!

Since we're mostly packed and ready to go, we took this past week to just veg out and 'heal'.
We've re-booked flights/hotels, so we'll be leaving in a couple more weeks... the countdown has (re) started!

We are so excited! Disappointing that we missed being with B/R for Bob's special day and then for New Year's, Ecuador-style. Sounds like a kick! But, I can tell you, B/R do NOT want this flu/cold thing, no way, NEVER!

Sooo looking forward to the visit and can't wait to see B/R, the house, the iguanas, the beach!

We'll keep you posted on the plans and our adventures...... you *know* I'll be on the fiber/yarn/textile quest, too...

Love, N

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