Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Speaking of knitting...

For all the knitters out there, and all those who are curious, this book is fabulous!

It's not just about knitting... the author spent alot of time in So America and adds bits of stories, too. A little history, a little culture of the Andrean folks artists, their traditions and customs. Several of the patterns are adaptations from the Incan Empire.

I love this book! Interesting to see the subtle changes in the patterns, colors and designs from country to country. Even Rich is impressed with this book.

You can find it on Amazon, or your favorite book store. I recently gave copies to one of my best friends and Mom and they love it, too. Both are superb knitters, so I'm sure they will figure out the patterns just fine. Since I'm such a novice knitter (if you can call it knitting!), I'm just enjoying the pics and the articles for now. I think you will, too.

OK, it looks like I managed to get a pic up on the blog from the web....that's progress.

More later...


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