Friday, January 11, 2008

Trying to stay flexible

I've been watching this volcano like a hawk.

Bob and Rox are at the coast. So, our plan is we fly into Quito (near the active volcano) and then catch a flight to the coast a couple days later....IF the planes can make it.

The airlines won't fly if the ash/smoke/steam is bad (messes up their planes). I guess it will depend on which way the winds blow and the intensity of the volcano's activity. I hear flights have been re-routed in the past... landing in Columbia or another 'safe' place.
Not my idea of fun, but the airlines would at least get us back on the ground.

If this volcano does blow big-time (and it looks like it will in a matter of days or weeks), then our other plans to visit some areas south of Quito could change. (By the way, a volcano in Chile is also really active now and folks have been evacuated in some areas there, too)

Our plan is to use Quito as the base for some side trips after the visit to the coast.

We're trying to be flexible...I added some dust masks to the luggage yesterday... not that that would help much if the ash is really bad, but might help some, you never know. Bob says the volcano is no big deal, but he's already at the coast and not planning to come home any time soon :-)

Rich is calling Quito to see what's *really* real before we get on the plane from Portland Wed....if it's really bad, we'll come on home.... or, decide something else.

So, that's the plan today.

I found another volcano video on the National Geographic site this morning... fascinating.
Ma Nature in all her glory.


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