Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're back in Quito

All's well, after a long day and night yesterday. The flight was delayed a couple hours...and we got into the hotel after midnight. Again, we were so grateful to see hotel staff waiting for us with a big sign with Richard's name.

Interesting airport in Manta... 3 domestic airlines (Aerogal, ours, and Ibarra and Tome), all share the same outside tarmac, the same security systems, the same waiting room and same gates. No flight status boards. We all loaded at the same time, through 2 doors for the 3 planes. A little confusing in the dark and the rain, but we managed to get on the right plane.

We'll be messing with the whole post-the-pics thing later, but wanted to check in...

Yesterday we had one-more wonderful adventure with Bob and Rox for the 3+ hr drive up the coast to Manta. Lots of photo 'opportunities', as we drove past wild burros and burritos (!), wild pig families, some horses, some great jungle shots of huge leaved plants and flowers...

Our good-buys with the workers was sad...just the *best* guys...such a tremendous honor to know them. I smile each time I remember the episodes with Jimmy and his eternal quest for the escoba......(broom) ... and Acedro's gardening techniques with the machete, and the guys up on bamboo scaffolding in their bare feet... and so many other nice memories.

Bob and Rox are the perfect hosts and it was joy to see them and share in their adventure. Each morning we just had to say....... another day in paradise! Thanks, Bob and Rox, for making the visit so special, relaxing and fun.

So, here we are in Quito... planning our last week in Ecuador....... we're definitely taking a trip to Otavalo, a HUGE market of everything... and we're hoping to get to Cuenca for a couple days of look/see, too. Today it's raining, foggy and right now we're relaxing with Ecuadorian coffee and croissants and fresh fruit... and getting organized for the last leg...

One more thing I'd like to do before we leave for home.......
......there is monument of the middle of the world mark on the way to the market and you know us! Cheesy/ultra-toursity, probably, but we've GOT to see that, too!

More later.... with pics, hopefully.

Love, N

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