Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Having a blast at the Coast....

Bob and Rox met us a the airport. It was good to see them. At first, they thought we didn´t make it because all the Manta bound folks without luggage came out and no Rich and Nancy. Conveyor problems. Rox wanted to go in and see if we were still inside, they said she wasn´t to go in. Finally, Nancy peaked out and Rox recognized her coat.

The 3 plus hour trip down the coast to their place seemed shorter for me because I slept for 2 1/2 hours of the ride. We stopped for wine and cheese on the crest of a hill overlooking a Bay and again by some interesting plant life in a jungle like area.

Bob and Rox have a crew of four men working on their place. They seem able to do any task from painting to heavy construction. All of which is accomplished with simple, non electric hand tools.

We have enjoyed dinner and breakfast at their local hang out, the Casa Blanca, in a quiet coast village. Few people with any clothes on, but who notices. Nice visits and deep conversations with very few gallons of vino.

Just about a half hour before we left to go to a wedding Saturday night for a family member of their foreman, a gentleman and the foreman came by. They asked Rox if she would simply be the escort of this gentleman (a prominent member of the local community) down the aisle with the bride and groom, no more than a half hour tops.
Turned out, it was more than that. Rox became part of a 5 hour affair. Seated in front of God and the community for hours and took communion. The lighting came right through the ceiling.

Nancy and I were part of it too. Being part of Rob and Rox´s family, we both were placed in a place of honor at the reception table with the bride and groom. Who would think.

Nancy speculated that it might be like old Europe wedding where respected persons in the community were a part of the event as witnesses. Anyway, lots of fun. Rox said she was not going to say, Si Si so fast in the future.

We had a nice breakfast the next day. We found out the the party went on until after six the next morning.

We´ve been working hard every day. Come to find out, turning pages in our books can be stressful. Temp has been about 75 degree every day. Air is fresh with with ocean sounds and scent. Sunsets could be in National Geographic.

We´re going to post this now... 21Jan08.

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