Thursday, January 31, 2008

ok, let's share some pics

At the CB... Che is popular here and Rich has a new t-shirt from one of the street vendors...
Another batch of baby chicks at B/R's...

Bob says iguanas don't come out much until it's about 90 degrees... here's one of the babies...a family of 6 live in the palm trees off the back deck...

One of the jungle shots... wow, the leaves are humongous!

Lorraine the parrot (Bob/Rox inherited her with the house.) Here's me feeding her some popcorn... she only liked the kernel parts...and the other parts went to the ground for the chickens.
Lorraine is a chatty one... she knows a variety of whistles, giggles, must have been around a small child while learning how to 'speak'... she goes nuts when the chickens get too close, but she doesn't mind sharing her food/water with other birds who occasionally fly in. I tried to teach her some words (like, I'm a pretty birdie), but she just laughed...

Wish we'd gotten a shot of the little pepito black doggie at the Casa Blanca one of the nights. He had the pathetic/I'm starving to death look down and, of course, I fell for it. He didn't like the bell peppers from the omelet, so I knew he wasn't that hungry... Such a cute doggie though, and my best buddy, that is until Rich slipped him some bacon... then he became Rich's best friend.
And, then he invited all his other doggy friends... way too many dogs, so we helped them on the way.
The dream catcher above is huge and hangs across the road in Montanita.
A rainy day in Montanita and the banana delivery truck outside the CB:

Hitchhikers ...

Pics from the drive to/from Manta on the coast... more fishing boats.

And... more pics of Mantanita and us just having fun with B and R...and the shell collection!

The shells stayed, but we got pics.

We're all set to visit Otavalo tomorrow! That's where the llamas and alpacas are...and the yarn, and the fleece and the weavings, crafts and colors! You know there will be lots of pics to share when we return from the day.......we can't leave Ecuador without seeing/buying yarn! I'm ready to maximize the day!


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