Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catching UP

Well, Rich got successful in posting on my behalf last night, I see. Not the most flattering pic of me, but the flowers are nice.

We are feeling a little spaced today. Might be the altitude, but might just be general tiredness. Long haul to get here.

We ordered in some room service... wonderful breads, cheeses, yogurt, great coffee. There is an Ecuadorian breakfast on the menu, sounds good, but a little more hearty than we're ready for... will have to try later. (grilled steak with fried eggs, creole sauce, fried bananas, potato puffs).

Have to tell you about our last minute shopping trip at Fred Meyer in Portland... lesson learned.

As we were zipping up the bags, one of the zippers broke! ACK! Well, what to do at this late hour... we decided to just go buy new bags... the ones we had were such a deal, but sometimes the deal isn't a good deal after all....... So here's the lesson... don't get bags just 'cause they are cheap! Get a good deal, but be sure they'll last... at least long enough for the trip. Shoot, these bags didn't even last to get us to the airport...New bags held up just fine.

Today is overcast and a little humid... we asked the driver last night abut the volcano activity, and he just smiled and said it was a 'ornery'. Oh.

I see the news about the plane at Heathrow this morning...we're feeling pretty lucky we made it ok. No compaints here!

More later......


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