Friday, March 2, 2012

Watch Your Step!

After posting the previous entry about the wonderful, stepping out shoes for the gals, we got to thinking...oh boy! We have our next walking theme!

Our regular readers know that we like to have a theme as we walk about...just keeps it interesting for us.  This time we went for all the pitfalls of walking, all the things you can trip over if you're not watching your feet and paying attention.

Most friends here, including us, have taken a spill at some point.  We just scraped and bruised (and embarrassed) ourselves, but some have done some serious damage. 

The City has a project, now in planning phases, to repair many the sidewalks in several neighborhoods.  We hear work will begin later this year.  Good news!
We've heard the painful  stories of falling...broken wrists and fingers, broken and bloody noses, concussions, black eyes, broken ankles and toes, bad sprains and strains.  We've seen the injuries and it's not pretty.

We almost all trip and fall as we look up, not down.  Now, if we look up and around, we stop and freeze first!

It's not just the high's all the tripping 'opportunites' out there!  It's the slippery tiles in the rain, it's the lack of warning around the holes and more.

Most of us do wear 'sensible', flat shoes on the streets, but here in Cuenca, you need to also keep your wits about you.  We're all a little unsure and unsteady at times...especially when there is always something fascinating to look UP to!  It only takes a blink of an eye to find yourself injured on the ground.

Watch those feet!  Keep walking, keep watching...and stay safe!


  1. Great shots. But, then again you have plenty of ammunition in Cuenca. I'm also glad that the city is addressing the issues.

    Hey, I started a new blog. Cuenca Tech Life -

    Got any burning questions?

  2. I've managed to avoid falling down while walking in Ecuador, but your post made me think of my adventures riding a bike in Quito.

    The problems on a bike are pretty much the same as you show in your pictures, with the additional problem that there are no ramps from the street to the sidewalk anywhere. So you have to stop and constantly lift your bike up onto the sidewalk, or past somebody's driveway without a ramp, or take your chances in the street (and we all know what that's like. It's a shame, because Ecuador is a beautiful country to bike through, but it is not as easy or safe as it could be.

  3. Hola Lenny, your new blog is great! I'm sure we'll have questions later.
    Stay safe out there!

  4. Hola Bob,
    We aren't bike riders, but we've heard/read some harrowing stories by those who are here in Cuenca, too. I think we'll take our chances on foot!
    Thanks for writing,

  5. Great article! And well written! It's helpful that you wrote to specifically about how to avoid falling. I tripped on a bolt 1" high, sticking up in the sidewalk in Cotacachi. I broke both bones in my arm and cracked my knee cap in half! And dislocated my other arm...had surgery rather than a cast and have recovered nicely. Living in Bahia now.

  6. Hola Miriam, so sorry about your accident! Stay safe!!

  7. This is a great post and the illustrations with photos show the challenges. I've been fortunate to not have any injuries - and agree looking down is necessary!

    One very rainy day I got out of a cab and slammed the door. I was standing awkwardly on one of those slanted clay colored tile entries to the sidewalk. So as I slammed the door my feet flew out from under me and went under the cab! The driver did not know this happened and was pulling away as I scrambled to get to my feet and on the sidewalk.

    Happily the only injury was to my pride and I lived through that.
    Thanks for a helpful, thoughtful post.

  8. Hola Sharon! That was a scary fall, glad you're ok.
    We've slipped on those cutouts, too. Both Rich and I 'found' one of the most dangerous ones near the Kook on Calle Larga. I had a huge shiner on my behind for days!
    Stay safe!