Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zig-zagging Cuenca

We download the cameras on a regular basis.  You should, too.  If your camera disappears, you'll still have your pictures. 

Here are some recent walking pics.

In our neighborhood, down at the river. 

Workers have been trimming trees.

New-to-us street art.

A little alley with artists' shops, off of Calle Larga.

Workers at the 3 Nov road construction.

Lovely shawl and black corn display.

Seems to be corn season year-round here. 

A fun woman's restroom sign.

We missed our traditional Sunday Walk and catch-up with the Watsons, but we did walk.   We also walked during the week, but Sunday morning walks are more peaceful with less traffic.

Chuck and Nancy (and other walkers) will recognize these neighborhoods and streets.  You can see we zig-zagged all over this City.

An ice cream sign on Av Lamar.

Watching those feet!

Pretty garden across from the SF Market.  The Chuch on the left was built in 1930.

3D wall mural.

More old beauties.

Feeding the birds. 

Rich and Howard taking a break.

You can see one of the day's walking themes was the Ecuadorian flag.

Rich really enjoyed Jenny's fabulous breakfast at the Kook.

A major fixer-upper.  You can see the old adobe and cane building techniques.

Back to the SF Market early morning.  This vendor had help setting up.

The shopping gals.

Nancy and Barbara always have to look.

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