Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Hats

Panama hats are made in Ecuador, not Panama.  Workers wore these hats and made them famous, while working on the Panama Canal.  There are several shops, factories, museums and a whole lot of people making these hats even today, right here in Cuenca.

One day we wanted new hats, so off we went with our friends, Barbara and Howard.

We stopped in again at a shop on Calle Larga with an impressive selection.  Lots to choose from.  We've visited this shop before, but kind of forgot about it.

We tried on many...some could work ok for us, some were just for fun.  We both wanted flexible, soft ones that could easily fit into a shopping bag when we didn't need them. 

We also wanted them to have a wide enough brim and solid weave that would protect us in the blaring sunlight (but not too wide, too heavy, too hard, too floppy or too white).  Our search was more for practical, not so much for fashion.

Old hat presses still in use.

Modeling hats.

Just right for the Kentucky Derby!

Some art work in the shop.

Panama hats are popular here!

We did find the perfect hats for us and had fun looking, too.
This shop and museum is near the 10 de Agosto market on Calle Larga.
 You'll see the huge Panama Hat on the outside of the building.


  1. Can't wait to see you two sporting your new hats when we return.

  2. Yes, we all want to see you two in your new bonnets!
    Next post?

  3. Our new hats are pretty non-discript, certainly not very fashionable, but very practical for us.
    Too many sun 'opportunities' here.
    Keep checking the blog...I'm sure you'll see us in all our 'hat glory' in the future posts.
    Thanks for writing,