Friday, March 9, 2012

Dollies, Coffee and Pachamama

More pictures from recent walking adventures.  Always something fun to see.

From a walk on Av. G Sangurima, on the way to CA Kitchen.  We were just ahead of the rain.

Dollies in a neat little shop with other handmade crafts for sale.  Near the Square.

The dolly on the right is spinning wool.

Adorable RED crocheted little baby shoes, for Nancy's crafting friends.

Gals in their working clothes.  Most businesses require special outfits, all color coordinated. 

School girls in uniforms.

Shopping for ground coffee.
$3/pound.  Medium dark roast from Loja.  Shop is located on Sucre, near the corner of P Aguirre.

A street clock that works!

Night time shot of the Mayor's Office.

We've had some extreme weather recently.  This chimney took a direct hit from lightening during a major storm.
The power of Mama Nature!

Last week's flowers for Ruth.

We pass this shop often...notice the sewing machine on the left.  There is usually a gentleman sewing and watching the world go by.

A celebration on International Woman's Day at the main Square.
 Pachamama = Mother Nature.  Ecuador's Constitution gives nature the same rights as its citizens.

There were also displays showing mining processes.  The speakers were reminding the government and educating the people of the expected damages of mining on the environment and lifestyle  in the region.

We'll share more pictures of the round-about's road construction later.  Major progress!  Officials are reporting that work is now about 25% done.  We think they just might make, or even beat, the deadline for completion, slated for November 2012!

Happy weekend!

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