Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Av Simon Bolivar to the Square

This week we walked down Bolivar.  We like to walk this street as the sidewalks are wide and newly repaired.  And, it's pretty.  This is the stretch from San Sabastian to the Square downtown.

Usually this street is busier, but it was early morning and many of the streets were blocked off for a demonstration.

Here are some of the lovely old buildings along the way, recently restored.

Lots of details on these old beauties.

A small cafe's outside menu for lunch.
One of these days, we'll have to try this place.

New double-decker tour bus in town.

(At the Square.  The Old Cathedral is in the background.)

Snapdragons in bloom at the Square.

We weren't the only ones taking a break and enjoying the sunshine. 

A demonstration was in progress.  Green flags for the President's Party. 
You'll also see lots of Ecuadorian flags, red, yellow and blue.

Lots of speeches, music and people.

A good sized police/military presence, too.  Near the crowd and the nearby government building, some with riot gear...just in case it was needed, we suppose.  It wasn't, when we were there.
Passionate, but peaceful.

We continued on toward Calle Larga.

A fun poster.

A fun flag.

More old beauties.

After lunch we came on home and checked on the neighborhood doggies.  Yay!  Someone has put  medicine on the hurt ears!  Purple!

Round-about road construction is coming right along.

Working in the rain.

Look what greeted us from our porch.
A double rainbow!

Life is good.  We sure love this town.

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