Friday, September 11, 2009

Bus trip to Paute

Several of us ventured out to the countryside yesterday to have lunch in Paute. Via bus! Our 2nd bus ride!

(We're including this shot leaving Paute, just so you can see what the bus looks like...the gentleman boarding is Brian...)

Now, some of you will remember that Rich gets terrible motion sickness... well, we doped him up with some dramimine (the Ecuadorian-equiv.) and he survived the trip! Barely. (Nancy forgot the ginger, which really helps with motion sickness, which we'll remember for next time!)
We confess... we returned via a 'mixto'/taxi (a pickup with some seats inside... and a very slooooow and careful driver. ) Mixto price was about $15 for the ride all the way to our apts ... for the 6 of us.

We started out by meeting our friends at Pio Pio, a kind-of fast-food chicken place in the bus terminal. Chuck tells us 'pio pio' is Spanish for 'peep peep'.

A quick coffee around, and we headed for the turn-styles to the buses.
A dime in the turnstyle and we loaded onto the bus, Paute-bound. Not crowded.
We hear the Sunday market in Paute is fabulous! We'll have to check it out one of these Sundays...
Our first time in the bus terminal and it's impressive! Lots of activity, people and shops...not like bus terminals in the states at all!

The drive out took us through the countryside, with lots of farmland and greenhouses... a bit lower altitude, so a bit more warm...75 cents for the ride (we paid on the bus.)
We wandered the town... had a delightful and delicious lunch at one of the restaurants...
Pretty courtyard so we could sit outside...
Several of us ordered the coconut shrimp!

...and have to have ice cream for dessert!
Peaches and blackberry (mora) ice cream sundaes, yum!

Another walk to the central square and the church.

Main square...

We admired the children's art along the way... and the message!

Lovely church... stained glass along the rafters of the metal roof...

Two young men were in the process of learning how to ring the bells. Several of us stopped to chat and practice our Spanish...

Some renovation in process (we think the church was probably built in the 50's...)

Meeting new friends...

On the way home... in the mixto!

Another fun day!

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  1. Hi! I'm all about the natural remedies, and my daughter and I used to get sick on virtually ANY mode of transportation. Ginger is truly fantastic, as you know (ginger tea is a wonderful thing to drink if you're feeling "woozy") BUT, here's our newest thing, that maybe you can tell Rich. Get the Sea Bands from the drug store (of course, not sure they're available there in Ecuador, but get your friends or family to bring them...light and small). They're like tiny wristbands with a tiny plastic "bump" that you wear against your wrist. It's all build on accu-pressure. We wear them in the car, on cruises, airplanes, and boats. No more "woozy"! Can't guarantee they'll work for everyone, but for little price and effort, it can't hurt to try. Best of luck. Planning to move to Ecuador in a year, so enjoying your blog. Tracy