Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another fun week with Bob, Rox and Coquita

Bob, Roxanne and Coquita came to Cuenca for the week and we had a great time!

They arrived last Saturday and helped us celebrate our 200 day mark here in Ecuador. They're now on their way back to the Coast. A fast, but productive, week!

We started the week in Paute (we visited there earlier; see other blog post) and, since we'd all heard how fun the Sunday market was there, we decided to head on out...

Kids were smitten by Barney in the square. We were smitten by the kids!

We ate lunch at the Corvel restaurant... delicious food!
We ate outside in the courtyard... lovely day.

Note the colorful vest of the waitress.

Artwork outside the restaurant.

Market was bustling...

Baby goats!

Bob and Rox got a great start on their Christmas party shopping and planning for the kids at the Coast... check out the booty!

Soccer balls, dollies, teddy bears, jump ropes, toy cars... o my!

A sample of jewelry for the older girls...

And, please go to their blog at for lots more info on the party for the kids.

A trip to a fabric shop for Santa and elf outfits:

We caught up with friends ... and got to ex-pat night to catch up on all the news...Yep, ate alot of ice cream, too!

Coquita and her best buddy, Fredi, were so glad to see each other!
A busy and fun week for all!

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