Monday, October 5, 2009

Inca Ruins

At the central bank museum (Calle Largo y Huayna Capac), there are some inca ruins out back. On an earlier day, we went through the museum but didn't get to the gardens... so, we decided to make another trip.

We went around back, following a guide and a few tourists, and were stopped by a guard asking for our tickets. (Oops, we thought the gardens were open to the public for free!) So, we went back around to the museum and waited for a few minutes at the ticket counter. No one was there and the inside guard didn't know when someone would return. We waited for a few minutes, but decided to just come back yet another day.

Entrance fee to the museum, including gardens, is about $3 each.

We walked along the outside perimeter of the gardens, which are huge.

We didn't see the llamas which we'd heard live on the property. Lots of workers tending the gardens.

The stonework and gardens are lovely.

Irrigation ditches and high rises in the background...

From across the river:

Looking toward downtown...

2 shots of one of our favorite street paintings.

We're planning a trip, about 2 hours out of town, to see the largest inca ruins in Ecuador soon..... stay tuned.

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