Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Purchasing airline tickets on-line

'Wanted to pass along some good info. It's for those who are wanting to book and purchase in-country airline tickets on-line...in English. Of course, you can do this at your computer before you leave home.

We met some new folks, Jerry and Rhonda, at ex-pat night last Friday. They tell us that they flew into Quito, then Cuenca. The airlines, LAN Ecuador, seems to be only airline that flies this route, where you can book your flights and pay for them upfront, online, in English. They were able to print out boarding passes at the hotel, too. Saved them a trip to the airport early for purchase.

Go to Lan.com and click on the 'USA, English' as your residence and the site comes up in English.

We haven't flown LAN, but they were happy with the flight and the service. (Looks a little pricey, compared to the other airlines, but... )

Thanks, Jerry and Rhonda, for the tip! And, welcome to Ecuador!


  1. Love your pictures and blogging.

    We miss you terribly!


  2. What a beautiful country! It looks as if you are settling in for the duration. Enjoy!