Monday, November 2, 2009

Art in Cuenca

This has been an exciting and fun time in Cuenca!

Cuenca celebrated Independence Day (from the Spanish in 1820) on Nov 3, All Saints Day on Nov 1, and All Souls Day on Nov 2. There were more events than we could attend, but we gave it our best shot!

We have several pictures to share, so we'll be posting in phases...

We attended a street fair and enjoyed lots of art on display and for sale.

The first 2 pictures show some street entertainers. The kids loved the clowns!

This is 'art season' in Cuenca, and many local artists displayed their work (for sale, too). There were also some mass-produced pieces for sale.

We like these windchimes. The little kids had fun pulling the chimes down to make the butterfly wings move.

We did, too!

We attended a wonderful exhibit with friends one evening. The exhibit's theme was 'angels'. A variety of mediums and techniques.

World-renowned and *huge* talent, Liza Wheeler, had a few of her stunning pieces on exhibit. It was fun to see Liza and her husband Larry again. And, oh my gosh! The detail of the mosiacs is absolutely awesome! Pictures don't do them proper justice, but you can get an idea...

(For more of her mosiac art, see her website at

Fireworks on the plaza outside the gallery.

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