Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fast Visits, New Friends

Carol, Patty and Michael passed through Cuenca recently and we had the pleasure of enjoying their company.

Carol, sister-in-law of our friends' Chuck/Nancy, spent 2 weeks here. She's from WA state. Patty/Michael spent a week here 'to see if they liked Cuenca'...and, guess what! They like it so much they are planning to move here soon. They are from TX.
We're hoping Carol decides to relocate here soon, too.

We had alot of fun getting to know them all.......we joined them in dinners around town and even managed to eat some ice cream (no surprises there!).

We think they brought the rain, too! One night we were caught in a total deluge, wet to the bone, but it was all good....... the river is UP and roaring at a pretty good clip.

Safe travels, Folks, and hurry back soon!


  1. Hurrah for the rain! We curently live in Albuqeurque, NM and understand having little rain (avg. 11" of moisture/year) and water conservation. I'd like to know how many days of sunshine you average in Cuenca? We are very excited to be moving to Ecuador and especially want to know LOTS about living in Cuenca.. Buenos Tardes (here) sandy and phil bowman

  2. Hola Sandy and Phil,

    Boy, as I'm typing this,the rain is really coming down! It's a total whiteout looking toward downtown, with lots of thunder and lightening. We're enjoying the show!

    As to average sunny days here... hummm... I'd say 'many', often with short/light rains in the afternoons. We can get all 4 seasons in one day.

    When you come to Cuenca, remember to pack a hat or umbrella.

    Happy travel planning and thanks for writing.