Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A little 'country' in Cuenca

We joined our friends, Chuck, Nancy and Ozzie, for a little taste of 'country'... at the Cuenca-version of a 'state fair'.

Several features of this fair were familiar from those we've enjoyed in the US: displays of agriculture, animals (no 4H here), music, carnival rides, fair-food....All with an Ecuadorian twist!

A good old-fashioned, good time for all.

Plants for sale (are those Christmas trees??) and a booth promoting tree tomatoes.

Barney seems to be everywhere! The little kids love him.

Kids on stilts. La Europea is a local deli.

Lots of fun rides for the little ones.

Fair-food. This young lady is making a favorite ice cream treat in a pineapple dish.

Roast cuy (guinea pig).

Ribs, Argentina style.

Several booths had saddles, tack and cowboy/girl hats for sale.
Country music, too. Heard a little Waylon and Willie...

Wow! Nancy was in llama heaven!

We tried to get a video to share of a runaway horse episode, but the camera didn't cooperate. Ozzie's blog tells the story well (link below).

A young groom took a horse outside its stall for exercise and the horse kept breaking loose and running through the crowd... way not safe, especially since there were other stallions and mares in the area, as well as tons of people! Thankfully, no one got hurt and we had to smile, just imagining what Jim L in Oregon would have said about this!
Festivities also included a rodeo. Unfortunately, we missed it, but will try for next year.

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