Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sun and Sunday

We've had some really glorious sun and warmth here...but no rain.

The river is down to just a trickle. Even so, folks seem to find that trickle to do the laundry. Not sure how they do, but they manage.

It's been hot, feels like around 90 degrees, during the day and very chilly at night...maybe a swing of about 50 degrees.

We've learned to get organized and out of the apartment EARLY in the day if we want to take a walk without feeling fried. When the sun gets going, it can be rather intense and we like the early morning coolness...
Tourists and residents are out and about and enjoying the wonderful weather.

Last Sunday we decided to visit the main square...there always seems to be something interesting going on and often we run into friends for a coffee... Nancy heard somewhere that the catacombs of the New Cathedral were open to the public only on Sundays (enter through the side door?), and this information gave us 'direction' for the day...

When we got to the Church (which can seat over 9,000 at one time), there was Sunday Services in progress.....actually, standing room only. TONS of people!

We did go through the side entrance, but didn't see any clue on how to go downstairs; could be it's accessible after the Services...we'll have to return another Sunday.

Not sure if this large attendance for Sunday services was 'typical', maybe it was a special Saint's Day...a small parade passed by as we were leaving the Church.

A military band lead the way and some folks were carrying a life-sized statue ...and a crowd followed, displaying pictures of a saint (?). What surprised us the most was the number of pet doggies, on leashes, in the crowd!

What we think we saw was a parade celebrating a black priest of South America...

We enjoyed catching up with our friends, Brian and Shelley, for a 'cuppa', too. They sure look dapper in their new sun hats!
Fredi was as cute as ever, too.

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