Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Cuenca

We had one of the BEST Thanksgiving celebrations EVER!

A couple restaurants offered T Day menus, but we elected to invite several friends over instead. We did it 'potluck' and, we think it was the best food in town!
What a feast! Everyone brought a dish, so we had lots of choices... snacks, salads, veggies, desserts, o my!

Our Ecuadorian friend pointed us to a rental place... so we were able to arrange tables/chairs, dishes, glassware, etc for all 25 of us.

The rental folks are professional, patient, calm....highly recommended. They arrived the day before to set up and the day after to 'strike the set'... We will definitely use them again. (We'll add the name/address/phone number when we find the receipt later.)

And, the Punto bakery/deli cooked the turkey, complete with a good bread dressing (the chef made it to our recipe).

These pictures are courtesy of Nancy W:

We lost all the pics on our camera (not sure how), but we do have this one to share... it's 'after the fact'... you can see we had a pretty good time!

Thanks to our new friends for making our first Thanksgiving in Cuenca so special.
We will remember it always.

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