Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday week and Rain!

Nancy had a milestone birthday this past week and we celebrated all week with friends and fun stuff. 

Lots of good food. too. Some of our friends are VERY good cooks! We really enjoyed getting together with them and stuffing ourselves!  It's also fun to see their apartments and hear their stories of their shopping sprees for furniture, linens, art, etc.
Here is a photo of one of the drop-dead views...  this apartment has wrap-around, floor to ceiling windows that look over the

We also discovered yet another good restaurant. It's called "The Terrace" (near the Stadium, we'll add the address later.). Indoor and outdoor dining.

Check out these desserts!

We were there with friends for lunch, and we think it's the same menu for dinner...great steaks, salads, burgers... the chef is from Argentina, and really knows how to cook beef! And, you can get a baked potato (not just fries).

We attended an art opening of photographs taken in Cuenca. Some of the photos are stunning, especially of the hummingbirds! There are also photos displayed in banana leaf baskets/frames.  The exhibit runs all month. It's located at the
El Otorongo Gallery/Cafe, Av. 3 de Novembre (on the Otorongo Plaza).

And, RAIN! We've had a few days with really good rainfall, so the river is UP and roaring. Take a look.  This photo was taken Saturday with new friends, Susan and Melinda.  We're standing on the walking bridge at Av. Doce de Abril.

These next pictures were taken Sunday, where we began our Sunday walk. Our Sunday walk was just 'us' this week, with Chuck and Nancy out of town. Have to admit... we almost wimped out on our walk, but finally decided to venture out in rain... only because we didn't want to confess to our laziness when Chuck/Nancy returned!

Our walk started at the river, about a half block from our apt.  We walked toward the Oro Verde Hotel (not toward downtown).... the wet smell of eucalyptus and dirt reminded us of Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA and all the Hamm family picnics in the rain!

We followed the river for awhile, and then hailed a taxi to San Blas. The church on the square is lovely inside.

Stopped for a coffee at one of the cafes on the Square, people-watched for awhile, then walked on to Parque Calderon. We caught the tail-end of the dancers and music.  We were delighted to run into friends who joined us at the Akelarre for lunch!
After lunch, we taxi'ed back home.

All in all, another fun Sunday walk (even though we took the easy route of adding in taxi rides along the way)!

We've been humming a favorite Ecuadorian tune... it's called Chola Cuencana. Several versions on the Internet.  The entertainment in the Park ended with this song, but we hear it all concerts, parades, restaurants...Basically, wherever there is a crowd, this song gets played at some point.   It's lively, spirited and now becoming one of our favorite songs, too! Just makes you want to dance!

Vive Cuenca!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Rich and Nancy! Nancy... a very happy but belated birthday to you! I'm sure you had a blast. I trust you are following the "Land of Magic" rules and growing younger with each birthday? I, personally, lost five years last July! Keep the chairs warm for us. We're counting the days!

    Clarke and Brenda