Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Sunday (with video)

Yes, and another parade!

We love a parade! Horses, cute children all in costume...
still celebrating the Christmas Season here (3 'wise men' above).

Here's a picture of the staging area.

This Sunday we (with Chuck and Nancy, our walking partners) decided to try out breakfast at a fancy boutique hotel, Mansion Alcazar. (Ring the door bell to get in.)
We had been there for dinner recently with friends celebrating a special anniversary and had a great time. This time we could see the lobby and gardens in the daylight........just gorgeous!

Chuck and Nancy in the back garden.

The food was pretty good, too. A cold buffet (with yogurt, fruit, cereal, breads) and we ordered eggs and bacon and pancakes from the menu. About $10/person, including taxes.

Of course, we wandered to Parque Calderon...caught up with friends... enjoyed the entertainment...

Here are some dancers taking a break. Love the colorful outfits!
(Video at the end of this post.)

And, we tried once again to find the special side door of the New Cathedral,

that takes you down to the catacombs of the luck again!

If anyone knows how to find it, please tell us!

We were surprised to see that the flower market has been moved to the other side of the street while some construction of the Plaza is in process... Looks like there are permanent (?) benches and tables on the plaza now. The ladies with the flowers were still doing a brisk business in their new places. We'll check on the progress next visit.
Here's a short video of the dancers. Enjoy!

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  1. ajstephens@blogspot.comFebruary 1, 2010 at 11:58 PM

    What would Sunday be without a parade?