Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some Fun Restaurants

One of our most favorite restaurants in Cuenca is Tiesto's.

It's located at Juan Jaramillo 7-34 y Borrero; open Tuesday - Saturday for both lunch and dinner.
Lunch hours are Noon - 3:30pm; dinner is 6:30pm to Midnight.

"Tiesto" means 'hot platters' and the food comes out sizzling. The sauces and condiments are so tasty! Actually, all the food is! We love the chutneys and all the spices. Everything we've ever ordered is just perfect and so delicious.

Here are pictures of some of the delightful staff who all work hard to please you.

Here are pictures of a recent Tiesto's dinner with Chuck and Nancy, Jason and Donna.

All the dishware is from our favorite pottery place in Cuenca, Artesa. Each table is set with a different pattern.

The girls are having fun.

We ordered a beef dish and a chicken dish to share. Very delicious. You can see there are several side dishes included, too. Desserts are beautifully presented and very good. We shared an apple pie, spice/carrot-type cake and a chocolate dessert. You can see the decorated plates, works of art! The flowers and leaves on the plates are made with different flavored syrups.


Another favorite restaurant is Akelarre, located right next door to the Inca Real Hotel; General Torres 8-40 y Bolivar. We ran into our friends Liza and Larry downtown recently, and celebrated a birthday lunch there!
Good hamburgers and beer for the party! (Burgers, with all the trimmings, $5).

You can sit either in the bistro restaurant or in the lovely courtyard.

Here we are, having a blast!, and toasting the Birthday Boy!

We decided to wander down Calle Larga to Kookaburra Cafe for a birthday postrie (dessert) ... Kookaburra is becoming a favorite hangout for Gringos and Ecuadorians alike, and it's always fun to run into friends there. The food is really good, too!

Link to Kookaburra Cafe (with some wonderful photography of Cuenca!) is on the sidebar of this blog.

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