Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogs and Sites We Read

Some of our readers have asked for additional information about Cuenca, and Ecuador in general, so we thought we'd share what we enjoy reading.

Some of these blogs are written by friends or family, some are written by folks we have yet to meet. But, all contain useful information. The more you read, the more you'll see the common thread... Ecuador is a special place! No matter if you're coming to visit, or retire, or work or help.

Some of these blogs and links are some we discovered as we planned the move... and we continue to read them as we settle in. Always good info on a variety of topics. Even as we attend the same events and experience the same trials and tribulations and delight in the same surprises, each blog/link has a different 'take' and focus... we're still fascinated by the wide variety of stories and all the wonderful pictures.

Many thanks to all the writers for sharing a glimpse into their lives!

This is in no way a complete list...but will get you no particular order.........
Some of the blogs/links have other linked sites with good info, too....Happy reading!


Our family, Bob (Rich's brother), Roxanne and Coquita, on the Coast:

Our friends and neighbors, Nancy and Chuck:

Jim and Audrey (Chuck's sister), passing through:

Our Canadian friends, Brian, Shelley and Fredi:

Our friends, Bill and Loretta:

Our friends, Larry and Linda:

Our friends, Andre and Ronnie:

Our friends, Clarke and Brenda, are back in Kansas, packing...

Our friend, Ozzie, back in Houston planning the next trip:

A favorite cafe, owned by Aussies Jenny and Chris:

Another Aussie's site, by Dixie, also a neighbor:

Lovely mosaic art here in Cuenca... our friends Larry and Liza:

The 'pottery place' here in Cuenca:

What's happening here in Cuenca:

Another informative blog on the joys of Ecuador:

For those asking for the link again, our adobe rental:


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