Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

To all of our readers, family and friends,

Happy New Year! 
Happy New Decade! 
Happy New Beginnings!!

We just noticed that our counter on the computer says we've been in Ecuador now for 307 days.  With just  few days in Quito and the Coast and a couple day trips to other towns, all those days have been in Cuenca.  2009 was monumental; it's not every year that one moves halfway around the world!  We're glad we took the plunge.

We're happy to report that we've settled in just fine...We have gotten used to the City and city living once again.  Definitely an adjustment from the quiet and peace of the ranch in rural Oregon.

We are so grateful for wonderful new friends.  We've managed to cut our living expenses big-time and improved our health through better food and more exercise.  We're happy to be here, despite all it took to get here....all the angst of paperwork, and cleaning out and packing  'stuff', and the very hard goodbyes to friends and family and Mr Boots the kitty.

We're hopeful for the future. 

Our plans for 2010 include more travel, both inside and outside of Ecuador.  Also includes more Spanish (one can't EVER know too much Spanish!). We'll also be getting the other 2 rental units ready to rent (these are the new construction ones, should be done around April or so). And, we'll continue walking and eating our veggies, and visiting with friends (and making new ones), and counting our blessings.

Life's good!

We wish happiness and peace to all as we begin the New Year!
Love, Nancy and Rich

(We have some pictures we'll share in the next day or so of our New Year's celebrations, so check back soon.)

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