Thursday, January 28, 2010

In love with Cuenca

We've been meeting more folks...  either they are passing through as tourists or they have made the huge step of moving here. 

We are seeing and meeting more and more gringos, some with incredible stories of finding and buying apartments or houses in ONE week's time!  More and more visitors are deciding to go back home, unload stuff and relocate here.

We were at Expat night last Friday at Zoe's.  It was so crowded and raucus we could hardly hear ourselves. We met several new folks, and tried to visit with 'old' was challenge to carry on a conversation!

But, we got this fun shot of our friend Liza, who is getting ready to party:

Liza is our mosaic artist friend, a link to her fabulous work is on the sidebar of this blog.

Audrey and Jim, from Santa Rosa, CA visited for a month......this is their 3rd visit.  We are hoping they decide to move here soon.  Such fun folks!

Here's Jim showing Jenny (of Kookaburra Cafe) all the wonderful shirts he just had made by a local tailor.  Audrey and Jim brought the fabric and buttons from the States.

Here are the 2 Nancy's and Audrey.  This photo is from the day we visited an old pharmacy off the main square and tried out a 'soda' (which is actually a very fizzy tonic, full of vitamins, herbs and other good things.)

Jason and Donna came to check out Cuenca and have decided to move here.  They are originally from the States, but most recently, they are from Aruba...also fun folks!

We also heard that a couple who now lives in Vilcabamba, has decided to move to Cuenca...they were able to find an apartment here to rent in ONE day!  (Amazing!)

Yes, it's true...more and more folks are falling in love with Cuenca!!

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  1. Love the picture of Jim with his "loot." We enjoyed meeting lots of great folks in Cuenca too.