Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flowers and Produce

Always something fun to do.  Recently, we got these pictures of the flower market near the new Cathedral.  We never tire of all the beautiful flowers!

Lots of choices.

We were charmed by this young lady.
Since the day was warm, she was helping by watering the arrangements.

Nancy and Charlie are busy buying out the place.  The orange lilies are some of our faves.

One day we walked to town with Chuck.  We stopped in at the 3rd November market (our first visit).  Beautiful displays of produce.  Chuck found a special cabbage, only sold in the markets, for an Ecuadorian recipe he wanted to try.  No picture of the cabbage, but it looks more like lettuce.


We were curious about elevation differeences among some of the surrounding towns.  Chuck tells us:

2560 m (8399 ft)

La Union (near Andre and Ronnie's place in Yungilla)
1518 m (4987 ft)

2123m (6965 feet)

1474 m (4839 feet)

The weather is warmer at the lower altitudes.  No wonder Andre and Ronnie live in shorts!  Bob and Rox do, too, at the coast (sea level).  We, on the other hand, are grateful for our warm jackets and fleece vests here in Cuenca on the colder days.
Different vegetation at the different altitudes, too.


Here are more pictures of the farms right outside of town, in the San Joaquin area.  This is where most of the produce sold at the Co-op is grown.  Some say it's 'organic', but we guess it depends on the definition.  Most farmers use both organic products (like chicken manure for fertilizer) AND chemicals (for pest control).  No Oregon Tilth standards and inspections here, as we experienced at the ranch in the US.
We did get a whiff of chemicals as we drove by.

Workers in the field.

The produce is fabulous!
Must be the good, black dirt.

This shot was taken on the main road in this San Joaquin community. 

We also see cows and goats along the rivers in Cuenca, or tethered to graze along our busy streets.
We see and hear those noisy roosters in the neighborhood, too.

A nice blend of 'country' and 'city' here in Cuenca!
We like that!

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