Monday, September 20, 2010

Trip to Andre and Ronnie's

Part 2 on the road trip to Yungilla.  Here are more pictures of our visit with Andre and Ronnie.

Entry to their country home.  An arch of flowers, as well as flowers along the driveway.

Andre and Ronnie.

Stunning views of the mountains.

The vegetable garden!

Andre and Chuck.

In the outside cooking area.

Lovely pool area and the mountains again.

The perfect place to relax.

Mango tree (looks like giant avocados).

After a tour of the house and property, we headed out to lunch.  Nancy volunteered to ride in the back of Puf-Puf, but we managed to all squeeze into the back seat instead.

 Love the spelling of the name of the restaurant!  We had a mixed grill for lunch, with 'sides' of salad and potatoes.

What a fun day!
We really enjoyed our road trip to the countryside and catching up with friends.
Thanks, Chuck and Nancy, Andre and Ronnie! 

(For more pictures of the trip, see Nancy/Chuck's blog -- link on the left.)

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