Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Fruit Theme

Sometimes while we're walking around town, we go for a theme...some days we do color themes, but this walk we did a fruit theme.  Got to entertain ourselves!

The street vendors are out in force with the ripest, juiciest fruit.  This picture was taken outside ETAPA.

On Calle Larga, coconuts.

Outside Hudson's, a clothing store downtown (where some friends have found larger sizes.   Spendy, but when desparate...)

Grapes from Chile and the best pears!
Maracuyas (Passionfruit).  They are just right when they get a little wrinkled.

A fruit display near the California Kitchen.

This plate for sale shows some favorites.

Our friends, Loretta and Bill, have more information and pictures of fruits on their blog, here:

We've referred to this page many times as we identify and try out new-to-us fruits (as well as re-visit other pages of their blog of good info...)

We're still working our way through all the fruits here.  We're still amazed how good they are. 
Nothing like a fresh apricot or melon that actually taste like we remember from our childhoods.  And, passionfruit!  And, pineapple!  We love those little bananas, too.   Actually, we love them all.

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  1. I am excited to find I like Persimmons! I only knew about them through a story about my grandfather.. so when I tried them here I was very excited to find they are very good! Taste on!