Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Rest of the Rainbow

Catching up on pictures...

You got it, we decided to cover the rest of the rainbow colors on our walks.  Here are more fun pictures to share.  Some readers will remember we did BLUE and RED on an earlier blog entry.  We've collected more colors since then.

First, PINK and PURPLE.

Flowers in the neighborhood.

From the garden at the Adobe rental.

A pink window, with Hello Kitty!

More Hello Kitty.

A purple beaded ring.  A buck!

Pretty candy-striped blouse and necklace in a shop window.

Some GREEN...

A heavy load of bamboo.

We love all the green in the Square.

Looking up into the trees.


A school van.  Same red tag on the side as you'll see on the taxis.  The public blue buses don't have the tag, different registering and inspection processes for the buses.

Bouquets of flowers.


Some construction.

Church at San Blas plaza.

Also at San Blas.

Another shot of the New Cathedral at the Square.

Street entertainer at the Square. 
(He's actually more copper colored.)

This boxer replaces the white angel we've all seen in front of the New Cathedral. 

And, we couldn't stand it....more BLUE and RED, of course!

More RED brick buildings in our neighborhood...

At a favorite Spanish bistro.

(You can go back in our blog for more BLUE and RED, too.)

All colors, all together...  a stained glass ceiling at a favorite restaurant.

You know we'll share more pictures later.

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