Monday, February 28, 2011

BLUE and RED Cuenca

We know, it's silly, but sometimes we need a theme for our walks around town.  We tend to walk the same routes, so much that we practically have the street trip-hazards memorized!  (Well, 'memorized' until it changes again.)

As we walked with our cameras the last few days we made a game of it, deciding to go for the BLUE. 

Choosing BLUE is, in itself, a funny choice for Cuenca. 

One of the most remarkable sights when we first flew into Cuenca, was the fact that Cuenca really is a RED city...our first impression was RED, with all the RED tile roofs.  But, there seems to be more BLUE that catches the eye on the ground, for us. 

BLUE buildings, the glorious BLUE skies on a clear day, the famous BLUE domes of the New Cathedral, BLUE jeans everywhere and so much more.

Everyone seems to have that love-hate relationship with the BLUE buses.

Folks love the transportation part, hate the stinky/pollution part.

Another form of BLUE transport!  Probably more fun than the buses.

Here are some more pictures from our BLUE walks:

Rich's new friend in a BLUE dress.

A fun BLUE building out near the airport across from Kywi, a hardware store.

Other days, more BLUE buildings.

(Actually, some buildings are all glass, reflecting the BLUE skies.)

A BLUE school along Av Solano.

A favorite wall hanging.
Another picture of the famous BLUE domes at the New Cathedral.  Some BLUE sky, too.

Since Nancy's camera usually jerks to the RED side, as some friends already know!,  here are a few of her latest pictures...RED and a little BLUE.

Edificio Fragata...can you see the fragata (frigate) bird with the RED throat at the top of the sign? 

We love all the rainbow colors of Cuenca, so maybe we'll decide to focus on the other colors next walks...always yet another simple way to entertain ourselves!

Maybe more red, maybe green, lots of green here...or pink and purple for Mom!

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