Friday, February 4, 2011

Walking, Walking, Walking

More pics of Cuenca, from the walking can see so much more on foot. 

Here are Howard, Nancy and Barbara deciding the route of the day.  A quiet, early morning on Av. Ordonez Lasso.

Even more parades...still the remnents of Christmas here.

We had to laugh...we often compare Cuenca to San Francisco.  But, you don't see horses in the streets in SF very often!

You won't see cows at the water in SF either.

In SF, you won't see parades like these!

Another great old building in town.

A gathering of folks one Sunday outside a church.  You can see the candied apples for sale.

Resting horses after a parade.

We love these little, well-tended gardens all tucked in secret places.  This garden is in our neighborood.

Yet another parade.  You can see the Baby Jesus doll in the basket.

Santa is still here in Cuenca!

Beautiful dancers headed to the parade route.

Isn't it wonderful that the children can continue to wear their fancy and fun outfits way past Christmas?

A quick pop-in at the Alcazar...roses for Mom!

We like to hit the flower market on the way back home.  Here's Nancy (outside our apt building) with her latest bouquet.

More walking pictures later.

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