Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nancy's Birthday in the Cajas

Nancy had another birthday here and we celebrated all week with friends and family.  Meals out, meals in, wine, champagne, lots of desserts, you name it, we ate it!

Bob, Rox and Coquita blew through town and we celebrated...wonderful dinner and wonderful gifts.  Here is Nancy in her new, warm cape for those early mornings on the porch...

On the 'actual' day, Nancy wanted to explore more of the Cajas, so we headed further up into the Andes to a 'secret lake', with a fairly  flat walk around.  There are some kind of dicey areas, but we did just fine. 

We're guessing that the lake area is at about 9500-10,000 ft altitude.  There is no way we could have made this walk before becoming acclimated to the altitude!  Even though the walk was mostly flat, with bits of slight incline, we did have to stop a few times to breathe, but we made it.

The beauty was breathtaking!  We walked around the lake, listening and looking for birds, admiring the serentity and beauty. 

Lots of flowers, including bromiliads growing in the trees. 

Pretty birds.

We saw horses and alpacas and llamas and a donkey, too!

The pastures of grass hay reminded us of our ranch in Oregon.

We had to smile when we saw this plant growing wild here!  We paid a Queen's ransom for some for our porch in San Francisco a few years back.

This was supposed to be about a 45 minute walk, but you know how that goes.  We walked, talked, took pictures, watched the birds, caught our breath, loved the peace and quiet!  It took us about 1.5 hours. 

Covered bridges and waterfalls along the way...

We got back to the car just before the rains began.

On the drive to lunch at our favorite trout farm/restaurant, we passed some cute children playing on stacks of fertilizer/manure... and their horse nearby.

The waiters at the restaurant brought out a delicious tiramisu cake with candles and everyone English and Spanish!

What a fun day!  Another good birthday celebration, Nancy's 3rd here in Ecuador....and counting.

When we were going through the pics, we had to do a double-take.  Is this Howard or Rich?  Could be either one in country-heaven!

(Actually, it's Howard...we finally figured it out by the hat...)


  1. A belated Happy Birthday, Nancy. "Bob and Roxanne blew through town..." Apt description, Rich. Everyday I check your blogs, and I swear everyday the two of them are in a different city. They are omnipresent. I had no idea it was that easy to travel around Ecuador. Glad the four of you are doing so well.

  2. HI Jim!

    Remember, Ecuador is about the size of Oregon or Nevada.
    Lots packed into a small country!

    Since Bob and Rox have a car, it's a little easier to get around. You can fly most everywhere in about 35-40 mins, but it takes longer to get to/from those areas not served by the airports.

    Are you packed yet?
    See you soon!

  3. feliz cumpleaños.

    Your cape looks fantastic. Reminds me of some Pendelton products.

    Getting closer to moving.

    Hasta pronto.