Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday's Walk Along the River

On Sunday, we took a walk down Doce de Abril (12 of April), along the stretch of the historic area near Av. Solano.  Always something fun to see on a Sunday.

This part of the street was closed off, as it often is, on Sundays.  A race was in progress!

Leading the pack was our friend, Linda!  You can see the road is pretty empty around her.  Guess she left the others in the dust! 

(The cream-colored building on the left is where the Adobe rental is located.  The brown building belongs to a University.)

Go, Linda, Go!!

Folks walking their doggies...some bicyclers and skaters, too, all taking advantage of the traffic blocked off for the race.

The cross street here is Av. Solano.  The big building on the corner (left) is Banco Pichincha. 

That's the Military Hospital in the background.

Wall art along the river. 

You can see this yellow/white building is in the stages of a new paint job. We're so glad the old buildings are being spruced up.
Right next door to the Medical Museum.

The Inca Lounge.  River is UP from all the recent rain.

Lovely flowers along the river.

Pretty purple tree.

.This stretch of the river is so pretty and peaceful on a Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the great pics. I am going to post your link on my FB so my friend will stop bugging me about no pictures! Hugs!

  2. Oh how it makes me miss Cuenca! I can't wait to be there again. Guy has 7 working days until he retires and the process begins. Hope to see you both again before the end of the year!