Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exhibition at CIDAP, Native Ceremonial Outfits!

CIDAP always has some fun exhibits and we visited recently to see the latest display.  It was Barbara's birthday and a perfect reason to see some fun art!

CIDAP is located at the river in a wonderful, restored colonial building, Av 3Nov near one of the walking bridges, across from the Military Hospital (and the Adobe rental and close to the Inca Lounge.)  Nearest cross street is Av. Solano. Our previous post of our recent Sunday walk along the river has pictures of the neighborhood.  We love this museum!

  The exhibit runs through the month of Feb.  If you're in town, you definitely should make the time to visit!  You won't be disappointed.  It's free, too!

We wanted to share some pics of some of our favorties...

Here are some elaborate ceremonial outfits from areas in Ecuador.

Lots of colors and fabric/stitching details.

Nancy is checking out the gorgeous shawl pin.

Nancy wishes all her textile/artist friends could see these in person!  Pictures just can't substitute for seeing up close and personal.  P2, Mom and Cathy, you would LOVE this exhibit!!


Barbara and Nancy want boots like these!  Definitely not muck boots!

This is an outfit from the north.  You can see the white insert at the side of the skirt.  Different areas have different colors of the insert.  Some say the Church dictated the insert for modesty, but not sure.

More traditional Ecuadorian clothing.  We tried to get a close-up of the tiny little pleats in the skirt and the beautiful shoes.

What a hat!  Lovely embroidery, too.
Mask displays.

Some pottery with beadwork.

Some of the art is from Peru, Chile and other parts of Central and South America.

Musical instruments from the Esmaraldas area (Northern Ecuador)...wood and bamboo.

More favorites...

If you're in Cuenca, be sure to visit the exhibit! 
These pictures are just a sample and there is lots more to see. 

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  1. Inviting photos! We always enjoy your postings. Yes, we will see this exhibit this week,
    Gary & Sue Gaither