Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures for the Families

(2nd post today.)

Here is the next set of pics of our friends having fun.  We post these photo collections for the friends and family members who miss them!  As many of our friends here have blogs, too,  they are usually behind the camera so no pics of themselves to share. We're happy to share our pics for the Moms.


Clarke and Brenda.

Fabian and his family.

Edward, Jenny and Kathy at the Kook.

Clint and New Baby.

New friends, Colette and Allan, with Fabian.

The 2 Nancy's.

Charlie and the lovely Miss Blanca kitty.

Nancy, Nancy, Donna and Barbara.

Holly's fabulous new shoes!

Donna, Jason, Bruce, and us.

With Charlie.

The Watsons.

Merlyn, Patricia, Rich and Nancy (Chuck in the background).  Aren't these lighted horns a hoot?  From the Day of the Innocents celebration.

Nancy, Coquita, Rox and Bob.

Uncle Rich and the lovely Mz Coquita.

New friends Madeleen and Daniel.

New friend Eric.

New friends Tom and Linda.

With Fabian's brother.

Jenny and Ella.

Donna and Maria (and new baby on the way!)

Next picture collection for the Moms in about a month, so be sure to check back later.

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