Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Azogues Animal Market Pictures

This is part 2 of our Azogues trip.  Fabian took so many fun pictures of the animals, we had to do the blog post in 2 parts, in order to share more.

We loved the market!

For those in need of muck boots...and, believe us, you will need them if you visit any of the animal markets!...You can buy a pair at the SF Market in Cuenca. 

Choice of black or bright yellow, a couple different heights and several sizes.  Rich, and his size 13 feet, even found some there.  We paid $8/pair.  They look pretty much like the ones we bought for the ranch....

A very handsome dude!  With a good bath, he'd be beautiful.

As we walked through the market area, we were up close and personal with the animals.  Some 'talked' to us, some leaned on us, some sniffed and licked us!  We wished we could have taken them all home.

There are no pens at this market (or at the one in Cuenca).  The people and all the animals mingle in a large area. Some are tethered, but most are not.  Maybe a rope to keep the animal close to the selling family, sometimes no rope.  Usually no muzzle either, so you have to be careful walking around so you don't get hurt.

Lots of cute babies. 

A nice purchase.
This little calf was just days old.  Mom and baby were being sold as a pair.  The cute little girl above was minding the sheep for her parents.  Everyone in the family has a job at the market.
Intense sun that day.  Don't forget your hat!

All kinds of rural life-related stuff on sale.  This red car is packed with a grass purchase to take home.

Another fine purchase above.

There is crazy parking in a small lot at the entrance.
 Lots of trucks and people loading/unloading.  Many animal vehicles inside the market, too.  If you drive, be prepared for chaos.  Might be easier to park a ways up the road and walk in.

Another fun day in the Country!

(See previous post for the other Asogues activities.)

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