Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day

Walking on Sundays is always a treat, and we headed on out on Mother's Day. 

Walking on early Sundays usually means less traffic, less noise, less pollution and less hot or rainy weather.

It was good walking weather.  Skies were blue with puffy white clouds.  There was a little chill in the shade, but blasting hot in the sun even though it was still early.  We walked on the shady side of the streets.

You can see the long shadows.  It was about 9am when we walked this street.

Sundays are always for families and Mother's Day was no different, except there were more balloon and flower vendors doing a brisk business.

Some Moms worked today...

Some Moms enjoyed the Square and the sunshine with their families. 

We found room on a bench to sit and watch.

This vendor is selling ice cream out of a cooler.  Always a good day for an ice cream treat!

Love the sun glasses!

There was a very talented music group performing with strings, trumpets, guitars and wonderful voices.

The music sounded more Mexican than Ecuadorian, but most of the spectators seemed to know all the words!

A few more street scenes on this balmy Sunday.

We hope all Moms had a delightful and relaxing day this Mother's Day!

Feliz Dia!

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