Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunday Entertainment

During our walk, we noticed rose petals in the street along Calle Larga.
Petals in the streets usually mean there is or was a parade.  Since we could hear the music, we followed the petals toward the Coffee Tree at La Merced plaza.

We found a celebration!  It was lively, colorful, noisy and fun!

Paper mache farm animals and a cowboy being carried around, a few folks in cowboy hats, kids in animal and dancing...

A real hide, with grass...
Rockets and sparklers...You can also see the gentleman with the rope in one of the pics below.  He was doing a great job lasso'ing the cow and the chickens.



Another fun Sunday!  You never know what you'll see...
We've gotten some rain here and also in the Cajas, so our river is UP today!
What a difference a couple days make.  All's right with our river.


  1. Just want to show my appreciation that after living here for so many years that you still take your camera with you on your walks. You never know what you'll run into that is worthy of sharing with photographs!

  2. Wonderful photos and commentary. I saw the same
    thing, but couldn't get good pictures, so thank you for sharing yours.

  3. Hola Ladies, thanks for the nice comments.
    Even though we're not great photographers, we do love to snap those 'little moments' when we are out on our walks.
    So glad you're enjoying Cuenca as much as we do.
    Thanks for writing,