Monday, November 5, 2012

Cuenca's Independence Day 2012

We had a great time celebrating this past weekend.

Starting out with Nov 2, All Soul's Day.  This is Ecuador's version of the Day of the Dead, where families clean the grave sites, lay fresh flowers and remember those who have passed.  We didn't go to the Cemetery this year.  In years past, we would stroll the grave sites with a dear friend of ours.  But, recently our friend's father died and the Day was a private and quiet affair with his immediate family. 
Here is a picture of traditional purple decorations for sale for All Soul's Day.

A picture of beautiful stained glass windows at the New Cathedral.  The Church was crowded with many folks lighting candles in remembrance.

On to Nov 3, Cuenca's Independence Day!  It's a few days of celebration, with art, music, dancing, parades and fireworks.  Cuenca was crowded!  President Correa visited, too.  We spent the days walking the City, checking out the art shows and booths, watching the dancers, visiting with friends and enjoying the sunshine. 

Spring has sprung!  The last few days have felt HOT, with intense sun.  But, we all know that weather can change quickly here.  In just a few beats, the winds and clouds come in with the rain, thunder and lightening.  Thank goodness for the umbrellas we carry, no matter what.  Good for the sun, good for the rain. 

The flowering trees are stunning this time of year.

Here are pictures one early morning as the vendors were setting up near the river.

Rows of tents for the artists.

Some were setting up along the stairs to Calle Larga.

On to the Square.  Flags going up.
A multi-generational family getting their picture taken near the horses.
A cute cowgirl.
A military presentation at the Square.

Soldiers headed to a taxi after the presentation.
Street entertainment included musicians and mimes.
Balloon vendor.
Dancers taking a break.
Tour buses were doing a brisk business.
Love the umbrella hats! 
They were popular on the upper deck of the buses.
Cuenca's flag is yellow and red.  Ecuador's flag is yellow, red and blue.
Lots of ways to show your pride.
Viva Cuenca!

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