Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunday Walk and a Clown Parade

Our readers will know we like to walk with the Watsons on Sundays.

This Sunday we began the walk on Av Solano near the Ital-Deli and headed to downtown.
Some pics along Solano.  We walked on the left hand side of the street...much better sidewalks than the other side.

A furniture studio.

Flower shop.

Sleeping doggie.

Sidewalk repairs on R. Crespo.

More construction along Solano.

German antique shop.

The lovely high school at Av Solano and almost 12 de Abril.

Crossing 12 Abril, a volunteer fire truck.

The river that Sunday.

The dreaded stairs up to Calle Larga...we always take it slow and easy.

On the way to Calle Larga from the stairs.

Calle Larga is quiet on a Sunday morning.

Some friends like this hair salon...we turned left...

Passed this Sunday-quiet side street.

Headed to the Square.

 The beginnings of the Parade, in celebration of International Clowns' Day!

Another fun Sunday with the Watsons.

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