Friday, February 14, 2014

Elections are Coming

Ecuador's Election Day is Sunday, Feb 23.

Each Party has a color scheme and a number.  It's lime green and number 35 for the President's Party.   Other colors and numbers for the other parties. 

This year's election will focus on mayors, council reps, Assembly members and more.  Cuenca voters will either re-elect the current mayor or elect a new one.  Our mayor today is a member of the President's Party, but the most popular candidate running against him is a former mayor, different political party.  It will be interesting to see who wins the mayor's race, lots of opinions out there.

We see the President's Party has the most political banners out there, so far...

As voting day gets closer, there are more parades, more loud music, more horn honking, cheering and loudspeakers to promote the candidates. 


Some of the supporters also hand out gifts with their party's logo and colors:  boxes of matches, ball caps, t-shirts, World Cup schedules and posters.


Reports say that with each election, more women run for office (and often win.)

In Paute.


Voting is mandatory for all Ecuadorians, with few exceptions.

In Quito.

In Yunguilla.

We have learned from previous elections that booze is not sold a few days before voting day.  If you want liquor including beer and wine, remember to get it early.  It's not legal to buy/serve/drink in public once the moritorium begins.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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