Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Walking -- One Foot in Front of the Other

More fun pics as we walk our Cuenca.  These are from the first of the year.

Can't get any fresher coconut water than from this vendor!  She is a wiz with a machete.

Always a delight to see a horse and rider in the middle of traffic.  Maybe he was late for a parade.

Nice old building.

Details on an old door.

One day we walked through the University campus.  Beautiful trees, flowers, fountain and art.

Flowering cactus.

An old adobe for sale, a BIG Project waiting to happen.

Another peaceful protest related to the Coopera.

We love this fountain on Av Solano!

Watching the birds at San Sebastian Square.


Backpacks are favorites here.

A shoeshine and an ice cream, good combo.

Ice cream vendor doing a great business.

One more parade!

One day we saw what looked like every taxi in Cuenca all lined up around several streets.  Not sure what the occasion was.  We were so happy we weren't in need of one at that moment.
Some street theatre.  Wish we knew what the story was...

 Fun, free entertainment.   Nothing like some old fashioned people watching as we put one foot in front of the other!


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