Monday, May 12, 2014

Middle of the World -- Quito

Another trip to Quito and another opportunity to 'play tourist'.  We love Quito!

Our flight over the Andes was uneventful, right on time and smooth flying.  Beautiful clouds.

Our tourist adventure with Victor, this trip, took us to the 'middle of the world'.

First stop was to view a self-sustaining community deep down in a volcano's cráter.  Breathtaking scenery.


Latitude 0 was first calculated in Ecuador in the 1700's, prior to today's technology.  Then, it was re-calculated using the latest and greatest GPS and other advanced science.  Both locations are more than worth seeing.

Here we are, each on the side of the equator white line.

Our 2nd stop was to the new ('real') location.  We joined a 45 minute walking tour to learn all about Eucador's native cultures, flora and fauna and so much more.

Ancient burial customs.
Returning to the womb of Pachamama (Mother Earth).
Display on shrinking heads.
Our morning ended at the 'original' middle of the world.  Impressive monuments, museums, more history and science.
(Part 2)

Yes, touristy, but still all fascinating and lots of fun.

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  1. Love the pictures....keep up the good times!!!