Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fun at the Square, a New Saint and a Bike Ride

Always some fun activity at the main Square.  We always enjoy sitting and watching.

One day, we saw this...

...and their school sign.

A band was playing.

Inside the New Cathedral, folks were paying their respects to Pope John Paul II, a brand new Saint.

Pope John Paul II is the only Pope who has visited Cuenca; he was here back in 1985. Ecuadorian friends tell us that they saw him!  He performed Mass in a park in the Mireflores neighborhood and the entire City attended.  Crowds were immense and the excitement and pride overwhelming! 

 This huge statue of him is right at the main doors of the Cathedral.  He is a favorite of the People.  Cuencans are also fond of the current Pope Francis, a South American!  Folks are hoping and praying that Pope Francis will visit Cuenca, too, but it may be unlikely as he only has one lung and we are at altitude......but  anything is possible.  You never know.


Another day we saw these signs of a bike ride at the University.

Here is a picture of the ride down Av Solano.  It seemed to go on for miles.  But, where were  all the newly trained traffic pólice?  Horrible traffic backed up on the side streets.  This was not a Sunday and the bikers took up both traffic lanes on Av Solano with cars honking. 

There is nothing safe when bikes and crazy car drivers are mixed in the same lanes. One impatient taxi driver on a side street actually jumped the line and HIT one of the students, knocking her off her bike.  The poor gal sat in the street for a couple minutes, then got back on her bike and rode on.  The taxi didn't even stop...

So -- to uninformed? bystanders, it looked to us to be total chaos.  A huge bike ride, mid morning, down one of the busiest streets on a work day and no traffic control (at least that we could see).  Actually, there was ONE guy, not in uniform, trying...

OK, maybe there were other facts in play, maybe we missed something...

So glad no one got killed!


Happy Ecuadorian Labor Day today!  A National Holiday today celebrating the Workers. 
Schools are closed, a parade or day.

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